It is easy to become a godmother or godfather! YOU decide how much you would like to give for a child per month! Just contact Nicole for further information – she will be happy to tell you all about it.

The first godfamily
Since August 2018, Little Ropa, who was Born 4 months earlier found a „godfamily“ from Polling in Tirol. Through monthly donations this Family is taking care of the little girl.

Ropa stays on a small farm with her parents, where it is their joy to take care of the fields and the animals. Since they don’t pay for rent, they do not earn a lot of Money. That’s why they are not able to buy all that is needed for a child. Through the help of the godfamily, the young parents are now able to take care of clothes, diapers, medical aid and in the long run also school fees and uniforms. We have chosen Ropa’s Family because it is important for us to insure a good start for Young families. Life in Zimbabwe is really hard and many Young parents decide to Abandon their child due to extreme poverty. This will most probably not happen to Ropa. We are very grateful to the parents from Polling who also has got three children of their own.