The board consists of four members:
The chairman, the chairman deputy, the treasurer, the secretary.

nicole-karombe-rottThe chairwoman, Nicole Karombe-Rott is 29 years old and lives in Polling in Tirol. She has got two children – seven year old Lovejoy who Nicole and her husband adopted in 2017. And Samuel who has been born in the same year in Austria. 2012, Nicole graduated from university where she had studied Psychology. In the end of the same year, she traveled to Africa for the first time, in order to be part of projects with orphans. After she fell in love with Zimbabwe, she also met her husband who was working in one of the orphanages. The two got married in 2015 and lived and worked together in a children’s home with 50 children. “Even though the life in Zimbabwe is extremely hard, it has been a great enrichment for me to help these wonderful children. It is our dream to do so in future as well.”

martin-karombe34-year-old Martin Karombe will be chairman deputy of Kurima. Martin studied Local Governances in Zimbabwe and completed his bachelor in 2011. After university he volunteered as the assistant of a blind officer of social services in Mutare. In 2013, he started working in a children’s home out in the bush. He worked there for four years with all his heart, mind and soul. “I love to see things and people grow, that’s why I love farming and to work with children.” Since July 2017 he lives in Polling in Tirol and works in Inzing.

Riedl Manfred (reduziert)The treasurer of the trust, Manfred Riedl lives close to Woergl with his wife. He is a management constultant and has got lots of experience in working in trusts. The hobby farmer likes to engage in international social projects due to his Christian believes.

Valentina Kurima

Valentina Prantl from Inzing is going to be the secretary of Kurima. The 25 year old is a nurse in Innsbruck since two years. Since she has been a child, she loves being part of trusts and associations. The young lady loves visiting new countries and learning about different cultures. “I am happy to be part of Kurima and to give children in need a secured future.”