In December 2017, we started to support a lady called Gloria. She was HIV positive and due to her sickness and poverty she was extremely skinny. Additionally to her sickness, she had to take care of her three young children whilst the father’s whereabouts were unknown.

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With a donation, we were able to get medical treatment and bricks for building round hut for her.

During Martin’s visit in Zimbabwe in May 2018, he helped the family with basic food items like maize, rice, cooking oil etc. and more medication for the mother. Unfortunately, he realized that the mother’s state had gotten worse and that she was unable to take care of the children. In the past weeks, the grandmother of the three children was trying to take care of the children. However, because of the extreme poverty, the grandmother admitted that it was very difficult for her to take care of even the basic needs of the children, like clothes, food and schooling. In agreement with the mother, Martin took the children to social services who then looked for a children’s home where the kids could stay. We hope that the children will have a bright future and that they will be loved and cared for in the home that they are staying now.
This sad experience shows us even more how important it is to build up a secure and loving home for children, since most children’s homes in Zimbabwe are already full.