Everyone can help! Especially those who would like to support children in Zimbabwe.

Some years ago, some children from Polling decided to make bracelets and to sell them in order to get a donation for the children in Zimbabwe.

Christmas 2017 an elderly lady from Inzing asked her friends and relatieves for a donation for Kurima. She collected 1000 Euros!

Another friend of ours asked his friends to donate for Kurima instead of buying him birthday presents.
So, it is really easy to help – EVERYONE CAN HELP!

You can donate to the following account:
Kurima – Neues Leben fuer Simbabwe
IBAN: AT94 3633 6000 0490 6251 BIC: RZTIAT22336

You can help in four different ways:

  1. Membership
  2. Become a godfamily
  3. Sponsoring
  4. Volunteering