Since we have many good and reliable contacts in Zimbabwe, we can also help from afar. Nevertheless we visit Zimbabwe ourselves as often as we can in order to take care of matters and to visit our dear friends. On these visits we try to take as many clothes and shoes as possible for these people as the postage is too expensive.

faith-farm-childrens-home_2019 Unterstützung individueller Personen Faith Farm Children's Home

Faith Farm Children’s Home

Gloria (in Marange)

Kupa and his family (in Bohera)

The main reason for starting the trust „Kurima“ is the following project: 
We now want to start our own children’s home, where we are going to use all our skills and the knowledge that we have gained during our passed work in Zimbabwe.
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In December 2017, we started to support a lady called Gloria. She was HIV positive and due to her sickness and poverty she was extremely skinny. Additionally to her sickness, she had to take care of her three young children whilst the father’s whereabouts were unknown.
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Already before starting this trust, we sometimes asked friends and relatives for donations when people that we knew needed help. That’s what happened in May 2017, when we found out that baby Kupakwashe was sick and didn’t get help because of the poverty of his parents. By then, Kupa was 9 months and suffering from Spina fida and Hydrocephalus. In this condition he would never learn to sit or walk.
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