The main reason for starting the trust „Kurima“ is the following project: 
We now want to start our own children’s home, where we are going to use all our skills and the knowledge that we have gained during our passed work in Zimbabwe.
We have learned so much and we realized what the children really need in order to have a better life when they are grown up.

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This project is called „Faith Farm Children’s Home“ because without having faith and trusting in God’s guidance and goodness, we won’t be able to realize this huge project. 
We are going to build up a children’s home on a farm in Chegutu (about one hour from the capital city Harare). We have got 18 hectares of land that we can use for this project.

So, the idea is to build up a farm first, so that once the children’s home is running, we will be able to feed the children with the products of the farm. We want the children’s home to be self-sustainable us much as possible. Through self-cultivation of maize and vegetables a lot of money can be saved. This money will be used for medical care, school fees, school uniforms etc. 
We also intend to have a cattle project, as well as goats and chicken for eggs. All the products are going to be used for the children’s home as well as for sale at the market, in shops and restaurants. 
Even though the economic situation is down, we know for sure that these products are always going to be needed in Zimbabwe. The consumption of meet is a sign of wealth in Zimbabwe, that’s why it is always part of big celebrations, like weddings or funerals.

Another important aspect is, that the children are going to learn a lot about farming whilst staying at the Faith Farm. Thus, when they are grown up they will have the know-how to sustain their families through self-cultivation and sale of their own products. In our opinion, making children self-sustainable, is the only way to fight poverty. Hence it could also reduce the number of orphans in Zimbabwe.

The set-up of the children’s home is like a village, where a maximum of ten children will life in one village with a care giver. At first, we want to build up two villages for 20 children. The caregiver will be like a mother for the children. It is also possible to employ a couple who is willing to take care of the children. Martin knows all the rules and regulations of how the children’s home needs to be set up, since he has been working at social services for 2 years.

Of course, the children, will not only be taught farming, but they will also be going to school with other children. It is very important for us to let the children grow up as “normal” as possible. When they are 18, they should be part of the society, without being discriminated or disadvantaged because of their past. This is an important issue, that we have learned since children of children’s homes sometimes are sealed off too much from the society. The children need to be protected but if they grow up differently from others, they won’t be able to adapt to the society when they are adults and they won’t be able to take care of themselves.

A frequent question is: Do you pick up the children from the streets? The answer is no! this is not allowed in Zimbabwe, even if the children are homeless. An officially opened Children’s home, is only allowed to take in children, that have been referred by the local social services.

Usually, children who have been found abandoned are brought to the police station. The police then bring the child to social services. The officers have to find out whether the child as any traceable relatives who are willing to stay with the child. Of course, it is very difficult to find relatives because the children are too young or too scared to talk. Even if the child has relatives – most of the time they won’t be able to take care of another child. Then the officers of social services have to decided in which children’s home the child will be brought. Babies who mostly are being found in very sad circumstances, are then given a name and a date of birth has to be estimated. Hence, these kids start their life in a children’s home without identity. We want to give these children a future and a better life. Please help and support us in it.

For this project we have established a detailed business plan that we would love to share with any interested sponsor.