The trust Kurima needs volunteers who can help in various tasks. We can only enlarge our level of awareness through hard work and the help of different people. Since the four board members cannot do all by themselves, they are in need of help and support of volunteers.

Each individual has got various skills, experience and talents. So everyone of us can help in different ways.

There are already many people who help and support the trust as volunteers. The board members appreciate the hard work of the volunteers a lot. Do not hesitate to become a volunteer for Kurima.

The board members want to thank all the volunteers and want to name those who have done extraordinary work in the past, by helping and supporting the work of Kurima.

FALSCHLUNGER Stephanie production of various items for the shop „HolzSchneiderei“ in Inzing
ESPINOZA Mario architectural design of the buildings and the masterplan of “Faith Farm Children’s Home”
HOLZER Nadja Organization of the first marketing video and architectural design of the masterplan of „Faith Farm Children’s Home“
INIGAZINGO – under the choirmaster WEGSCHEIDER-DRAXL Andrea musical entertainment during events
MANTL Beate Videography and videocut of the first video
MÜLLER Barbara musical entertainment for the first video
RAINER Anna Design of the logo
ROSENTRETER Markus Videography for the first video
SIMKOVICS Christine author of various stories for „Mein Bezirk“

Soon we will also be in need of volunteers in Zimbabwe – for more information please contact Nicole.